10:00Opening Ceremonies - Trophy RevealWill Bucknum - Voice to Game
10:15Dan White - Pipeworks 
11:00Damon Slye - Mad Otter GamesDave Merrill - Pipeworks
1:00DTW - BandDTW - Band
2:00Joe Marushak - Garage GamesMark Davis - King Pong
3:00Noah Gervais-CaldwellBritt Brady - Doinksoft
4:00Mike Jones - PipeworksPaul Brian
5:00Jonathan Rosales - Digital RevolverClosing Ceremonies - Trophies

Activities are TBD and may change at any time before the event.


  • An open time for attendees to play developer games.
  • Dev Panel Talk: A developer panel with speakers from the indie game convention.
  • Programming Demo: A demo showcasing programming on how we make games.
  • Game Design Demo: Physical game design challenge
  • Art Demo: A demo showcasing art techniques