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I came to Oregon almost eight years ago to work for a game studio and I'm glad that I did. I love Oregon and Eugene. In that time I help build a local studio, that went on to be purchased by Disney and provided high paying jobs for close to fifty people in Eugene, and attracted top talent to relocate here from out of state. All of whom in turn contributed greatly to the local economy.

Having worked on the industry for over twenty years, I can tell you that the game development community Eugene is a sleeping giant of potential economic growth. It is simply a matter of time before it wakes up to realize it's potential.

Please help us achieve that.

-- Todd Pickens

The Indie Game Convention in Eugene was one of the most import things that has happened to me as a developer. It put me in connection with other developers on the west coast which has sewn a support network for me. It was the first time I had shown off a game to the public and it motivated me to do it more. I even have been approached by companies like Microsoft about my product from my participation. I have since began my own small company that I am building from the ground up. I hope to expand this company over the next few years here in Eugene and create a plethora of titles doing so.

When I signed up for IGC last year i expected a small intimate event. My expectations where far exceeded. The event had only a couple months to my knowledge to be planned. The turn out was incredible and the attention we attracted outside of our network afterwards was amazing. The people organizing this event are truly professionals with a vision for success in Eugene.

-- Britt Brady (organizer for IGC 2015)