Hello, Developer.
Indie Game Con puts creator-owned games, like yours, in front of mainstream audiences.

We want to help you find fans you didn't know existed.

It can be odd and sublime or fast and explosive.
It can be retro, modern, virtual reality, mobile, whatevs.
It can be for sale, for art, or for grins.
Doesn't matter... let's get it out there!

We want to show as many games as possible, so if you're interested in showing your game at IGC 2018, please give us some info, and we'll get back to you ASAP.
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This year, we're offering people the ability to show games for less than the full two days. From one half day to two full days, what are you interested in?

Any Additional Info? Questions for us?

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Where?
A: Eugene Comic Con, Lane County Events Center

Q: When?
A: November 10-11, 2018

Q: How many people come to these things?
A: EUCON averages 9,000 people per event.

Q: How much will it cost?
A: We are finalizing details now. Currently, it's $145 for two full days (less than last year!). We're trying to find ways to reduce that cost through sponsorships, split days, etc.

Q: What comes with my booth?
A: We provide an 8-foot table, electricity, and XS Media sponsored WiFi!

Q: What kind of commitment am I making here?
A: None! This just starts a conversation.

Q: Can I sell stuff at the show?
A: Absolutely! You can sell merch, Steam keys, etc.

Q: Is there a Ducks game that weekend?
A: Nope! That means more people at the event, less traffic, and an easier time finding hotels.

Q: Will there be cosplay?
A: Cosplay or your money back.